Reducing Homlessness


With the ever increasing financial and social burden of homelessness on Local Authorities, alternative solutions are required to reduce the impact of this on the council tax payer and at Appraisals Abound we are very conscious of this and can assist local councils in reviewing their costs by looking at alternative strategies that include:


  • Considering the creation of a short term property portfolio that is managed by either the Council or third party suppliers

  • Use of 'temporary cabins' to house claimants

  • Modelling the impact on the above ideas to see the effect on homelessness costs

  • Modelling the effect of the benefit cap


A recent project undertaken for Ealing Council identified £8.5m of savings over 5 years and this project is now being implemented.


We have just been appointed to undertake homelessness cost reviews at a further 4 London Councils.